Radiographer education in Finland

Radiography education has been given in Finland for more than 60 years. First radiographers graduated in 1952 from Helsinki School for Nurses. Today radiographers are educated at University of Applied Sciences and it takes an average of three and half years to complete BSc in Radiography. Master´s degrees at University of Applied Sciences are higher University of Applied Sciences Degrees. These studies are to deepen the professional skills and expertise and strive for improvements in working life.

The higher University of Applied Sciences Degree is aimed at students with a University of Applied Sciences degree, with at least three years of relevant postgraduate work experience.

A qualified radiographer can also pursue postgraduate university studies, continuing up to a doctorate´s degree in health sciences. 

 The SORF follows the planning, content and implementation of the basic professional education in radiography in order to ensure that the education provided in Finland meets European criteria.

SORF offers to its´ members various continuing professional development (CPD) and training on radiation protection courses to maintain and develop professional competence, as well as to support radiographers´ leadership skills.

University of Applied Science educating Radiographers in Finland

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