Society of Radiographers in Finland (SORF)

SORF is founded in 1958 and it has today about 3 000 members. The Society is a professional organization looking after the interests of all radiographers (includes also radiation therapists and sonographers). The society promotes clinical radiography in the Finnish society and ensures that radiographers have the readiness to provide high quality radiography services in the Finnish health care system both in private and national health sector.

SORFs´ office is located in Helsinki. The society employs two full time employees and the societys field of activities covers the whole country.

SORF has 11 local societies, which cover the whole of Finland. Individuals become members of the Society by joining one of the local societies or direct member to the society. Applications for membership may be filled by licensed radiographers or radiography students.

In order to monitor its members´ interests, the Society of Radiographers in Finland actively follows developments in the field of radiation protection, Finnish society, health care sector, provides statements, takes stands, presents proposals and introduces initiatives.

SORF is one of the nine co-operation members of the Union of Health and Social Care Professionals (Tehy). The membership in SORF does not require belonging to any trade organization.

The Council (elected) convened once a year, is the Societys´ highest decision making body. The Chairperson of the Society and the Chairperson of the Council are elected at the Council meeting normally held in November; their term of office is three years.

The board has six full members and three vice member.

Radiographers in Finland

Radiography and radiographers in the Finnish social and health care system

Finland is a Nordic welfare state, where social security and health care have been under development under centuries. There is a comprehensive network of municipal services and other forms of public health care, which is supplemented by private service providers.

Radiographers are registered and licensed and their title "röntgenhoitaja" is protected.

Radiographers in Finland are employed in municipal health centers, in hospitals, in private clinics and various institutions, and also in occupational health services.

Authorization of the profession

Health care professionals are prescribed in Act (559/1994) and Degree (564/1994) on Health Care Professionals. The profession of radiographer is included in the category of licensed Health Care professionals.

According to the act, only a licensed professionals who has qualified as radiographers are entitled to use professional title and practice the profession